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Man Arden
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Man Arden

Hair Strengthening Hair Oil With Comb Applicator for Men



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  • Man Arden Natural Hair Strengthening Men’s Hair Oil is a blend of top-notch natural oils such as coconut oil, liquorice, Bhringraj, Jamaican castor, Golden virgin Jojoba Oil, and Virgin Sweet Almond oil. This is designed especially for men's hair to give a perfectly balanced and highly nourishing blend of rich natural oils. Coconut oil has significant hair nourishing properties which line and protects the hydration of the hair shaft. It can also reverse the effects of pollution and damage due to hairstyling chemicals, heat and pollutants. Bhrigraj and other hair revitalising ingredients provide phytonutrients that give great nourishment to hair roots and scalp. Thus, it makes hair strong naturally. Make this a part of the hair care routine of oil hair massage, hair wash and hair conditioning and you will always have healthy, shiny looking hair you can style in any way.
  • It is always best to get a relaxing massage on your head with this hair oil at night. Leave it overnight and work on your hair and scalp. In the morning, use mana Arden hair strengthening shampoo wash your hair following with conditioning with Man Arden Hair Strengthening hair conditions.
    This routine will surely give you a healthier mane and a more confident look.
  • Having naturally healthy and happy hair means so much when you're a style-conscious man. You can use it every day for your hair styling routine. It works great to help repair hair damage due to pollution hairstyling meals or excessive heat styling damage. Its nutrients like vitamins and minerals and lipids provide for light conditioning and moisture retention in hair.


Specially-formulated for Men’s Hair: Man Arden Natural Hair Strengthening Men’s Hair Oil is a non-sticky natural ingredient based hair oil formula for men which boosts their mane size and quality.

How to Use:

  • Use a comb applicator which you can replace with a bottle cap. Now. squeeze out the oil from the nozzles and gently comb the applicator through the hair from the roots to the strands. Use a generous amount and spread well.
  • From the bottle: you can also use it directly from the bottle. Take an adequate amount on your palm and use your hands and fingers to gently apply the hair oil to your scalp focusing on the hair roots. Then rib through the strands to cover the hair. Lightly massage for 2 minutes to relax your head. Let this stay overnight.


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