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Indus valley
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Indus valley

Bio Organic Indigo Leaf Powder


Indus Valley Organic Indigo Powder Hair Color makes for the 100% Organic hair colour with Indigofera Tinctoria. This organic indigo Henna Leaf powder contains natural Indigofera Tinctoria dry leaves powder that is combined with natural henna and is a natural source of brown dye for the hairs. This produces a lovely tint that ranges from deep brown to natural black color on your hair. Hair Care Solution: Henna is known as an excellent natural source of nourishment for the hairs and scalp. From dandruff to a number of scalp related issues, henna is recommended as the perfect natural remedy. 100% Herbal product and makes for the best natural way of coloring the hairs, both for style and as an effective way to cover up the greys.100% natural indigo hair color that contains no added Chemicals, no Pesticides and no Synthetic Fertilizers. This organic indigo powder for hair contains Indigo Leaves (Indigofera Tinctoria) which is instrumental to give dark blue color. The same when added with Henna gives black color. You can experiment with a number of shades like burgundy, red, brown with the help of the recipe book that comes with it.

- It is 100% organic in nature
- Gives great color
- There no added chemicals
- 100% pure
- A smooth microfine powder
- Triple sifted



Indigo (Indigofera Tinctoria).

How to use:
- Boil pure water, put desired quantity of henna in a non-metallic bowl.
- Add enough of the hot water to obtain a honey like consistency of the mixture.
- Keep the bowl with mixture paste aside for 2-3 hours and the again mix the paste. Apply on the hair.
- Leave mixture on hair for 45 minutes and wash it off with plain water.
- You may use receipe book to make different colour shades.



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