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15 ml*4

La' French
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La' French

Coral, Blaze, Illusion & Hunter Perfume Gift Set



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A luxurious collection crafted for both men and women, featuring four 15ml Eau De Parfum bottles. Immerse yourself in the timeless allure of French fragrances, designed to complement the diverse personalities and preferences of both genders. Elevate your senses with this thoughtfully curated set, perfect for gifting or personal indulgence. Elevate your senses with the La French Perfume Gift Set, a harmonious collection of exquisite fragrances designed for both men and women. Embark on a sensory journey with La French Perfume and immerse yourself in the sophistication of French fragrances. Elevate your everyday moments with these timeless scents that embody the spirit of luxury and style.

La French Coral Perfume 15ml: Introducing La French CORAL Perfume, a delightful and versatile fragrance that weaves together a harmonious blend of notes to create a captivating and sophisticated olfactory experience.

La French Blaze Perfume 15ml: The perfume opens with a burst of vibrant citrus notes, creating an invigorating and refreshing introduction to the fragrance. Zesty and bright, these top notes add a lively and energetic touch to the overall composition.

La French Illusion Perfume 15ml: La French Illusion Perfume is a harmonious blend that transitions seamlessly from the uplifting freshness of bergamot to the timeless allure of floral heart notes, finally settling into a warm and enticing musky base.

La French Hunter Perfume 15ml: La French HUNTER Perfume is a harmonious blend that seamlessly transitions from the inviting sweetness of vanilla to the delicate powdery heart, finally settling into a musky sweetness that lingers on the skin.

This Kit Contains: La French Coral Perfume 15ml La French Blaze Perfume 15ml + La French Illusion Perfume 15ml + La French Hunter Perfume 15ml


  • Quartet of Distinct Scents: Immerse yourself in a symphony of captivating fragrances, carefully designed to suit every mood and occasion. From the enchanting floral notes of Chérie Blossom to the mysterious allure of Parisian Nights, this set offers a sensorial experience like no other.
  • Elegant and Compact Packaging: Each 15ml bottle is housed in chic and compact packaging, reflecting the timeless elegance of French design. The convenient size makes these perfumes perfect for on-the-go use, ensuring you can carry your favorite scents with you wherever you venture.
  • Long-lasting Luxury: La French Perfume's Eau De Parfum formulations are expertly crafted to provide a long-lasting and immersive olfactory experience. With just a few spritzes, you can enjoy the enduring allure of these concentrated fragrances throughout the day or evening.
  • Perfect Gift Set: Ideal for gifting or self-indulgence, this set is packaged to impress. Celebrate special occasions with a touch of French sophistication, making it an ideal present for birthdays, anniversaries, or any celebration that calls for a luxurious and thoughtful gift.
  • Unisex Appeal: This versatile gift set is thoughtfully curated to cater to both men and women, offering a range of scents that transcend traditional gender boundaries. Whether you're a man or a woman, La French Perfume has a fragrance to suit your style.
  • Compact Sized: The bottle size is perfect for on-the-go luxury. Whether you're traveling or exploring new scents, this gift set allows you to carry your favorite fragrances with ease.

Fragrance Notes:

La French CORAL Perfume:

  • Top Notes: Freesia, Peony, Sweet Pea, Apple, Bergamot, Pineapple
  • Hear Notes: Lily of the Valley, Lily, Jasmine, Magnolia, Tea Rose, Rose, Orchid, Poppy
  • Base Notes: Musk, Cedar, Sandalwood, Dark Woodsy Notes, Amber

La French Blaze Perfume:

  • Top Notes: Orange Blossom, Grapefruit, Lemon, Rosemary
  • Middle Notes: Lavender, Nutmeg, Guaiac Wood, Coriander
  • Base Notes: Tonka Bean, Musk, Oakmoss

La French Illusion Perfume:

  • Top Notes: Bergamot, Pink Pepper, Artemisia
  • Middle Notes: Lavender, Iris, Sage
  • Base Notes: Musk, Patchouli, Caramel

La French Hunter Perfume:

  • Top Notes: Chocolate
  • Middle Notes: Vanilla
  • Base Notes: Sweet Musk, Amber

How to Use:

  • Apply the body spray on your pulse points & clothes.

Shelf Life:

36 Months

Country of Origin:


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