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Natural Aloe Vera Powder for Skin & Hair



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Give your skin and hair an intense boost of hydration by using Indalo Aloe Vera Powder. Fortified with the goodness of aloe vera plant, this powder helps refresh skin care with its natural goodness. Also, it calms skin irritation and provides the best skin hydration treatment. Regular use of aloe vera powder helps calm skin irritation on face by deeply hydrating the skin and tightening the open pores. Besides, aloe vera for oily skin is the boon as it nourishes the skin without making it sticky. When used for hair, it helps control hair fall and dandruff.

Features :

  • Deeply hydrates skin & hair: With excellent hydrating properties, aloe vera powder helps to deeply nourish your dry or oily skin and hair while making them healthy and soft.
  • Controls excess production of oil: Extracted from the aloe vera plant, this aloe vera powder is the best for oily skin and hair because it helps to control the excess production of oil.
  • Calms irritated skin: Induced with excellent cooling and skin-calming properties, aloe vera powder helps to soothe skin irritation, sunburns, and redness.
  • Adds strength to hair: Aloe vera for hair growth is the best option as it helps to control hair fall by adding strength to each hair follicle while making hair healthy and strong.

How to Use :

  • You can create a thick paste by adding water for topical application or DIY mask by adding various ingredients that suits you the best.
  • For skin apply for 15 minutes and for hair apply for 30 minutes.

Shelf Life :

36 Months

Country of Origin :


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