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Globus Naturals
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Globus Naturals

De Tan Face Cream



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Say goodbye to stubborn tan lines and uneven skin tone with Globus Naturals Detan Cream! Our unique formula is enriched with natural ingredients like lemon, rose, pomegranate & orange that gently and effectively remove sun damage, revealing brighter, clearer, and more youthful-looking skin. Say hello to a radiant complexion that glows with confidence. It's also free of any harmful chemicals and safe to use daily to achieve a brighter, fairer and even skin tone.


  • De-Tans & Evens Skin Tone: With Ayurveda and naturally derived herbs, this cream will help you remove tanning and get an even skin tone naturally without damaging your skin.
  • No Bleaching Agent: This Ayurvedic cream is free of any bleaching agent or other harmful chemicals that may lead to skin damage. Only good stuff here.
  • Reduces dark spots : Lightens and brightens the skin by reducing dark spots and tan lines. Packed with the goodness of nature, it naturally hydrates and makes skin healthy.
  • Improves Skin Tone & Texture: It goes deep into the skin to fight tan from within and gives you an all-day glow.
  • Packed with the best natural ingredients, the De Tan Cream removes dark spots, dullness and gives you a glowing skin all day.
  • Suitable for all skin types.

How to Use:

  • Take a coin sized amount of cream in your palm.
  • Apply on cleansed face and neck evenly.
  • Massage gently with fingertips in circular motion till the cream is completely absorbed.


Orange (Citrus reticulata (Fr. Bk. Ext.) 1.50%, Amla (Phyllanthus emblica (Fr. P. Ext.) 1.80%, Grapes (Vitis vinifera (Fr. Ext.)1.50%, Pineapple (Ananas comosus (Fr. Ext.) 1.00%, Ginger (Zingiber officinale (Rz. Ext.) 1.00%, Mulberry (Morus indica (Fr. Ext.) 1.20%, Pomegranate (Punica granatum (Sd. Ext.)1.00%, Lemon (Citrus limon (Fr. Ext.) 3.00%, Rose (Rosa centifolia (Fl. Petal Oil) 2.00%, Honey 1.00%,Hyaluronic Acid 0.20%, Vitamin E 1.00%, Vitamin C 3.00%

Shelf Life:

36 Months

Country of Origin:


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