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15 ml

Ohria Ayurveda
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Ohria Ayurveda

Brmhana Night Repair Serum



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FREE Raatrani & Mint Shower Oil worth ₹435 above ₹1699 from Ohria Ayurveda

FREE Raatrani & Mint Shower Oil worth ₹435 above ₹1699 from Ohria Ayurveda

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‘Brmhana’ treatment as mentioned in ancient Ayurveda, is regenerating, toning and nourishing. A Highly advance formula of antioxidants, botanical extracts in goat’s milk vitamin A(Carrot oil), Vitamin C (Amla), Vitamin E (Almond) blended in saffron and Cow’s ghee brighten complexion. Essential oils of Frankincense and rosewood delay aging, tightens skin, remove scars. Ohria serum with its blend of essential oils has the unique property of penetration to the deepest layer of facial tissue making it soft, supple, and healthy from within.

- Helps Tighten Skin & Remove Scars
- Penetrate Within the Deepest Layer of Facial Tissue Making it Soft, Supple, and Healthy From Within

Sesame, Almond, cow’s ghee, saffron, Carrot oil, Essential oils of Rosewood and frankincense, Goat’s milk, Vitamin A, C & E, sandalwood, pollen of lotus, group of ten roots, laksha, Manjistha, madhuyashtika, Neelotpala, Usheer.

How to use:
Massage 3 to 5 drops all over face and neck in upward strokes. Leave on overnight.

Shelf Life:
12 Months

Country of Origin: India

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