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Blue Nectar
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Blue Nectar

Jasmine & Pachouli Nourishing Night Repair Cream Women, 16 Herbs



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Blue Nectar Jasmine & Pachouli Nourishing Night Cream helps to nourish and repair skin from the damage caused on regular basis by pollution, sun exposure and aging. Free from Sulphate/Paraben or any other harmful chemicals, this moisturizing cream laden with antioxidants contains potent combination of 16 vital ayurvedic ingredients like Kokum, Apple, Van Haldi, Organic Cow Ghee, Almond Oil, Apricot Oil, Khus, Nagkesar, Jasmine, Pachouli etc. These high performance herbs help to prevent signs of ageing. It also helps skin to retain moisture and elasticity supporting natural rejuvenation of skin. This cream is great not just as a night cream for women for glowing skin but also as a night cream for antiaging. Our skin shows noticeable changes beyond a certain age. It could manifest in various forms - dark circles, wrinkles, puffy under eye, sagging skin or other signs of ageing. Increasing levels of pollution, stress or hectic lifestyles doesn't help these symptoms. Therefore, it is important to use face cream that may help to nourish, repair and protect skin against these external factors causing skin damage. Herbs & hydrators present in Blue Nectar Nourishing & repair cream help to deliver vital nutrition to skin, boosting skin's elasticity naturally. Organic Ghee in cream is an effective moisturizer. Turmeric is a cleanser and may help to brighten dark circles. Mulethi contained in Shubhr Night Cream is loaded with ample benefits that help to give skin fairness & glow. Jasmine and Pachouli essential oils are beauty oils working on cell turnover, wrinkles and fine lines giving you a smooth and firm skin. Therefore, add that extra protection and repair power to the skin by adding Blue Nectar Nourishing Night Repair Cream to your skincare regime. Now you can achieve a more youthful skin with less visible signs of aging


- Ayurvedic Natural Anti-Aging Night Cream for Face Glow and Radiance. - This supremely skin rejuvenating night cream helps skin to moisturize slowly over several hours in night, helping skin fight pigmentation, dark spots, wrinkles etc so that you wake up to a healthy firm skin. - Potent combination of 16 vital Ayurvedic ingredients like Kokum, Apple Extract, Organic Ghee, Turmeric, Almond Oil that are believed in Ayurveda to help in skin enhancing and repair properties. - No harmful chemicals. Totally free of sulphates, parabens, peg, propylene glycol or mineral oils. Suitable for all Skin types. Absorbs quickly to aid firm and tight skin. - Suitable for all skin types. Deliver benefits as night cream for oily skin as well as night cream for dry skin due to proven combination of ayurvedic ingredients.

How to use:

Blue Nectar Jasmine Patchouli Night Cream has a corrective as well preventive action, that helps skin retain firmness and improve skin glow and radiance. Apply small amount of cream using your finger tips from neck to chin to forehead. Massage gently in circular motion in upward direction, till the cream is well absorbed For use as a night cream for dry skin and normal skin cleanse well with water or natural toner before applying cream. For use as a night cream for oily skin, wash face using a mild face wash, before applying toner.


Key Ingredients Jasmine - It is a traditional ayurvedic essential oil that has a soothing effect on the skin, and is believed to increase cell turnover, lightening the appearance of scars. Pachouli - It is another beauty oil, used in many Asian Cultures for its anti-aging skin benefits for wrinkles and fine lines, and for a smooth and supple skin texture. Kokum Extract - It is a vegetable butter, that is highly stable and easily absorbed in the skin, providing it nourishment, helping skin to regenerate. Organic Cow Ghee - Called Golden Elixir in ancient texts, Cow Ghee is a deeply absorbent hence great as natural moisturizer. It helps retain moisture and possesses anti aging properties leading to natural glow to the skin. Sweet Almond Oil - Rich source of anti-oxidant, it hydrates skin naturally, helps achieve an even skin tone, provides vital Vitamin E to the skin. Van Haldi - There is growing evidence in modern science to show that curcumin, an active component of turmeric, provides therapeutic effect to skin making it healthier. Apart from its ant inflammation properties it helps brighten dark circles, even out skin tone and brings out natural glow of the skin. Complete Ingredient List Organic Cow Ghee, Kokum extract, Apple extract, Nagkesar extract, Anantmool extract, Khus extract, Dabh extract, Haldi extract, Van Haldi extract, Riceseed extract, Hari Doob extract, Mulhethi extract, Almond Oil, Khumani Tailam, Jasmine Oil, Patchouli Oil, Cream Base, , Glycerin, DMDM (H), Kathon (CG) (Paraben Free) , Vitamin (E)

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36 Months

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