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800 gm

Skin Secrets
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Skin Secrets

Fruit Massage Cream


Treat your skin with a soothing, nutrient-rich Fresh Fruit Massage Cream from Skin Secrets. It is a special blend of vitamins, fruit extracts combined with other herbal ingredients to provide a nourished, glowing and soft skin texture. Enriched with the goodness of Apple, Papaya extracts and herbal ingredients, this cream pampers as well as enhances your complexion. Its vitamin content deep nourishes & moisturizes your skin, and boosts circulation, keeping it in good health. The antioxidants present in the cream further help improve the complexion and even the skin tone, by reducing wrinkles and fading patches. It effectively cleanses the skin and removes dead skin cells from the skin surface. When massaged the cream penetrates into the skin to provide rich actives in deep layers of the skin. A nutrient-rich massage cream with the goodness of fruits helps restore moisture balance to the skin while fighting imperfections.

Features :

  • RESTORES SKIN MOISTURE - Just the moisturizer your skin needs! Crafted with natural ingredients like Vitamin C, Papaya Extract, Orange extract, this moisturizer is suitable for all skin types. It soothes skin, evens the skin tone, and keeps it soft and supple.;
  • IMPROVES SKIN ELASTICITY - Rejuvenates the skin by repairing and inhibiting skin cell damage and stimulating the regeneration of cells. It helps maintain the elasticity of the skin and delays the onset of wrinkles and fine lines.;
  • NOURISHES & MOISTURIZES SKIN - Moisturization has a new avatar! Experience deep & long-lasting Moisturization while attaining a luminous glow.;
  • ADDS A YOUTHFUL GLOW TO DULL & AGEING SKIN - Papaya extract counters and combats the signs of aging. This moisturizer enhances and restores the skin’s natural radiance.

How to Use :

  • Step 1: Cleanse your face thoroughly.
  • Step 2: Slather on your face and body to your heart’s content.
  • Step 3: Massage into your skin gently. It can be reapplied whenever skin feels tight, dry, dull or itchy.

Ingredients :

Orange Extract, Papaya Extract, Aqua, Glycerine

Shelf Life :

36 Months

Country of Origin :




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