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Indus valley
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Indus valley

Bio Organic Henna Hair Color



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Soft Black

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Soft Black

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Indus Valley Soft Black Henna Hair Colour makes for a certified hair colour that bear certifications of Ecocert, USDA, India Organic that helps render it a 100% natural henna hair colour that is sure to colour the tresses with a soft black shade and makes for a completely safe hair colour product of the present times. This Henna powder contains no dangerous ingredients, no harsh metals, no Ppd , no metallic salts and no other added additives for the matter. This Henna powder organic is hypoallergenic in nature and therefore it is recommended for both men and women. For people who are sensitive to the strong pungent smell of Ammonia in case of the synthetic hair dyes, this no-Ammonia Organic henna powder for hair comes as a blessing in this case. Also, this hair colour helps combat pre-mature greying of the tresses in the most natural manner. Being of micro-fine texture this harmful effects free henna powder happens to be triple sifted that makes it easier to mix and doesn’t form lumps to put it precisely.

- 8 Certified organic herbs
- 100% Natural , No PPD, No Ammonia, No Chemical
- Suitable for hypo-allergic & sensitive skin people
- Tested & Recommended by Dermatologist
- USDA & Ecocert Certified



Indigo Leaf Powder, Henna Leaf Powder, Colourless Leaf Powder.

How to use:
- Mix substantial amount of the ‘Indus Valley Soft Black Henna Hair Colour’ with warm water till you get a thick paste.
- Apply this hair colour mixture on moistened hair with the help of a comb taking small sections at a time.
- Just leave it for 30-40 minutes and rinse it off thoroughly with lukewarm water for best results.
- For extra softness you can add yoghurt to the mixture before proceeding with the application process.



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