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Super Smelly
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Super Smelly

Whoosh & Hurricane


Whoosh: Super Smelly Whoosh Deodorant Spray for Boys is safe yet extremely effective. Free from toxins, parabens, and sulfates, you can gift your teen this deodorant without worrying about the harmful chemicals on the skin. This deo is made using the super combination of tea tree oil, witch hazel and aloe vera, hence, it'll keep the skin free from infections. This dermatologically tested

Hurricane: This deodorant really does sweep you off like a hurricane with an aromatic green fragrance for men that is IFRA compliant, featuring hints of green grass, mint, eucalyptus, and musk. Hurricane Zero Toxin Natural Deodorant Spray comes from the range of India’s first and only zero toxin deodorant sprays by Super Smelly, which has been certified ‘100% Toxin Free’ and ‘Made Safe’ by Safe Cosmetics Australia. This means it contains no parabens, no aluminum, no zinc, no polyethylene glycol, no DEA/TEA, no triclosan, no phthalates, and all that other harmful stuff. It is as gentle on your skin as it is a treat for your senses. 

- Natural ingredients: Made using naturally derived antibacterial ingredients such as tea tree oil, witch hazel and aloe vera, known as a super combination of skin power foods with antibacterial properties
- 100% toxin-free: Free from parabens, sulfates, aluminum, zinc, petrochemicals DEA/TEA, triclosan and phthalates
- Safe and chemical-free: Certified 'Made Safe' and 'Toxin-Free' by Safe Cosmetics Australia
- Dermatologically and clinically tested: These contain IFRA compliant fragrances making it safe for sensitive skin
- Environmentally responsible: No CFCs, the packaging can be recycled. Also, this brand is against animal testing

Tea Tree Oil, Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera

How to use:
- Shake well, hold can 15 cm away from underarm and spray

- Use on a small patch of skin first to rule out any allergies.

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