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140 ml

Old Spice
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Old Spice

Lionpride No Gas Deodorant Body Spray Perfume for Men



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International Bestseller Old Spice launches its new range of Deodorant Body Spray. Available in 6 variants which have been selected across scent camps. The 0% Gas body spray is long lasting and keeps you smelling magical for 24 hours. Lionpride holds a classic masculine fragrance with modern embellishments, including a blend of citrus fruit, fresh herb, and precious wood notes. It’s a jungle out there. Wild and full of sweat. But you, my king, suave and protected, are the leader of the pride. Smellcome to Magic with the new Old Spice Deodorant Body Spray! 


  • Long-lasting deodorant spray for all day freshness
  • Features aromatic notes giving a refreshing and soothing feel
  • This deodorant keeps body odour and sweat under control for 24 hours
  • Easy to carry pocket size deodorant spray for using anytime, anywhere.

Fragrance Notes:

  • Notes - Citrus Fruit ,Fresh Herb , Wood

How to Use:

  • Hold the can 10-15 cm (4 to 6 inches) away from skin
  • Push button down to spray all over body/clothes
  • Spread the magic of Old Spice fragrance

Country of Origin:

United States

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