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Red Onion black seed Oil Hair Mask



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Spantra Replenishes the Scalp, Restoring Nutrients Lost Due to Exposure to Pollution, Harsh Weather & Harmful Chemicals used in Hair Care Products. It Improves Blood Circulation, Kills Bacteria, Smooths and Completely Cleans the Hair . It Conditions Hair, making it Shiny, Nourished Strengthens it from Root to Tip. It Fights Dandruff and Prevents Hair Breakage. Its Natural Ingredients is Renowned for Working on the Roots of the Hair, Strengthening and Reducing Hair Fall. This Hair Mask for Men and Women not only Reduces Hair Fall, but it also Restores Lost Nutrients, Repairing already Damaged Hair. Powerful Natural Ingredients make Hair Thick & Strong. They keep Hair-Frizz Free & Easy to Manage. All Our Products are Completely Free of Parabens and Sulphate that may Cause Hormonal Changes in the Body. Red Onion Black Seed Oil Contains High Amount of Essential Oils which is Necessity of the Hair to Remain Strong and Combat Breakage the Problems like Split Ends may Over Come by this Mask - Hair Mask for Dry and Frizzy Hair - Hair Mask for Smoothening Hair - hair mask for hair growth - hair mask for hair growth and hair fall

- Treats Hair Issues Like Dark and Dull Hair - Fragile and Easily Broken Hair - Greasy and Oily Hair.
- Reducing Breakage and Thinning of Hair with Red Onion Black Seed Hair Mask

Natural Ingredients Extract - Red Onion Black Seed Hair Oil - Jojoba Oil - Almond Oil - Sunflower Oil - Hibiscus Extract

How to Use:
Spantra Hair Mask Should be Applied to Washed and Towel Dried Hair. Spread It Evenly Throughout Your Hair, Piece by Piece. Massage it From the Roots to the Tips Then Comb Through Your Hair With Your Fingers. To Optimize the Mask's Effect, Cover Your Head with a Hot Towel for At least 10 Minutes.

Country of Origin: India



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