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350 ml

Mystic Valley
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Mystic Valley

Hibiscus & Macadamia Nut Hair Fall Control Conditioner


Product Description
Mystic Valley Hibiscus Hightide - Hibiscus Conditioner with Macadamia Nut Oil is a moisturizing conditioner prepared with fresh hibiscus that leaves hair beautifully soft while adding shine. Natural ingredients like silk protein are blended into this formula to leave your hair smooth, soft, and silky while enhancing your curls with natural shine. Developed to add gloss and life to damaged, treated, porous or dry hair.

This Ayurvedic conditioner makes hair soft and shiny
Enriched with hibiscus extract, pea protein, and macadamia nut oil
The natural blend adds gloss for a more lustrous appearance
Adds life to damaged, treated, or dry hair making it more manageable
Dermatologist tested and free from sulfates, parabens and preservatives
All products are not tested on animals
Eco-friendly packaging

How to use
Apply to wet hair and massage in to scalp, then towards the ends. Wait for a minute to allow extracts to get absorbed, then rinse with water.

Pea Protein: Helps reduce breakage by keeping hair hydrated and promotes hair growth.
Avocado Oil: Rich in antioxidants and minerals, penetrates the hair shaft and strengthens hair to help prevent breakage.
Shea Butter: Helps soothe dry itchy scalp, also a great source of moisture for dry and damaged hair. Penetrates hair and prevents hair breakage.
Macadamia Nut Oil: Great for calming frizz, tangles, and dullness. Adds shine and vitality, coating the ends and keeping hair moisturized.

Shelf Life
24 Months


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