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Origins Nutra
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Origins Nutra

Jointflex Support |Regenerate Cartilage, Reduces Joint Inflammation



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Comprehensive Approach To Joint Health- Are You Tired Of Joint Pain Limiting Your Mobility And Preventing You From Doing The Activities You Love? Origins Has Your Solution. Jointflex Support Is A Comprehensive Approach To Joint Health That Can Significantly Improve Your Quality Of Life. Our Unique Formula Is Designed To Work At The Root Causes Of Levels Of Joint Discomfort. Say Goodbye To Temporary Relief; Jointflex Support Is Here To Provide Long-Lasting And Natural Comfort And Flexibility.


  • NATURAL JOINT LUBRICATION- We know that joint discomfort can be exhausting. That's why we've included Mucopolysaccharides from Phyto MPS, a natural joint lubricant. This lubricant is crucial in reducing friction and wear within your joints, helping to prevent further damage and discomfort. With Jointflex Support, you can enjoy better joint function and comfort.
  • EXCLUSIVE BLEND ENHANCES ABSORPTION FOR OPTIMAL JOINT HEALTH- Imagine your body as a sponge, soaking up all the goodness from Glucosamine HCL, Mucopolysaccharides from Phyto MPS, and Rosehip Extract to improve your joint health. These ingredients work synergistically to ensure you get the most out of them. Our three key ingredients are Glucosamine HCL for cartilage maintenance, Mucopolysaccharides from Phyto MPS as a natural joint lubricant, and Rosehip Extract to reduce inflammation.
  • MAXIMISING NUTRIENT ABSORPTION FOR LONG-TERM BENEFITS- Our commitment to your well-being goes beyond just ingredients. We've also included potential bioavailability enhancers in our formulation to optimise nutrient absorption, ensuring that the nutrients reach their intended target for maximum effectiveness. We're here for the long haul, supporting the health of your joints.
  • DIETARY-FRIENDLY AND GMP CERTIFIED- Your well-being is our priority. Our Jointflex Support formula is gluten-free ensuring a holistic and natural choice for your bone health. With meticulous formulation and GMP certification, we deliver a high-quality supplement you can trust.
  • SAFETY ASSURANCE- At Origins, your well-being is our top concern. We've meticulously crafted our supplement to adhere to the most stringent standards, focusing on minimising side effects. Our dedication is to provide effective relief while safeguarding your health. Your wellness is the cornerstone of our mission, and you can trust joint flex support for a safe and gentle solution.

How to Use:

Take Two Daily with Lunch.


Made with vegan Glucosamine HCL

Shelf Life:

18 Months

Country of Origin:


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