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Bebe Burp
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Bebe Burp

Organic Baby Food Choco Multigrain Cookies(Pack of-2) - 150 gm


Who doesn't like some good, chocolaty cookies? This one's an unmissable treat for you and your baby. Made with rich naturally occurring chocolate, this is also one of the favorite snacks for kids. Bebe Burp’s handcrafted Multigrain Chocolate cookies are an absolute temptation. It’s chewy texture also helps to dissolve in the mouth quickly and leaves an amazingly sweet aftertaste.Bebe Burp's Multigrain Chocolate cookies are high in protein, vitamins, essential minerals and fiber. If ever there was a Kingdom of Cookies, this gorgeous darling would be the undisputed Queen. Resist as much as you can, we bet you won’t be able to stop at one.This ready to eat grandma inspired recipes are simple, handmade and require minimal processing. Made with all locally sourced, environmentally gentle, and sustainable ingredients, each Bebe Burp cookie is good for the Planet and good for YOU!


1) Made from 100% sustainably sourced ancient Indian superfoods 2) No Hydrogenated fats, made from purified cow ghee 3) No added white sugar, egg, soda or raising agent 4) 100% vegetarian product with no added preservatives 5)No artificial flavor: Made from naturally occurring sweeteners like honey & jaggery 6) Grandma’s inspired recipes, simple, healthy with minimal processing 7) No refined flour, easy to chew with a soft texture

How to Use:

As mentioned on label


Good for babies Overall Development


Grains And Flours

Shelf Life:

8 Months

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