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Bebe Burp
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Bebe Burp

Grandma's Super Puffs Soya Masala Masti Pack Of 4 - 30 gms each


Bebe Burp's Soya Masala Masti Puffs contain vegan proteins that are digested better than animal proteins, they do not form slags and contain almost all kinds of amino acids. The vitamins of B type are necessary for the normal state of skin, hair, nails, and functions of the nervous system. Vitamins E and C are needed to protect the body from infections. Soya Present in Bebe Burp's Soya Masala Masti Puffs promotes the synthesis of red blood cells and hemoglobin, the assimilation of vitamins A, E, K, D, participates in fat metabolism, prevents retinal damage, and respiratory disease. Soybean lecithin contributes to the production of energy and normalizes the consistency of bile that helps babies digest their food easily. Pediatricians often prescribe soya at the first year of a child's life.


1) Not fried, baked, puffs made with 100% naturally occurring ingredients. 2) Helps support brain development and learning ability, contains 6 essential vitamins and minerals. 3) Perfect size for picking up. 4) Melts in your baby's mouth instantly. 5) Easily sticks to little fingers. 6) Made from 100% sustainably sourced ancient Indian superfoods. 7) 100% vegetarian product with no added preservatives. 7) Grandma inspired recipes, simple, healthy with minimal processing. 8) No refined flour.

How to Use:

As mentioned on label


Good for babies Overall Development


Grains And Flours

Shelf Life:

8 Months

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