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Softsens Baby
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Softsens Baby

Baby Hair Care Duo - Hair Oil 100 ml & Shampoo 200 ml FREE



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Take perfect care of your baby’s delicate hair & scalp with this set of two nourishing products that include our Softsens Baby Tear-Free Shampoo and Natural Baby Hair Oil.


  • This set of 2 gentle scalp & hair care products work together to protect, nourish, condition your baby's scalp and hair, for a healthier scalp, and softer, smoother hair.
  • Softsens Natural Baby Hair Oil is a blend of 7 natural seed oils that gently care for and nourish baby's delicate locks & scalp
  • Argan oil and Linseed oil help to hydrate dry, brittle hair, leaving it soft, smooth & silky
  • Olive oil helps to loosen dry flakes from the scalp and reduce cradle cap effects
  • Sesame oil and Coconut oil boost blood circulation in the scalp and supply proteins that help in thick, healthy hair growth
  • Almond oil and Jojoba oil help to cure scalp inflammations and maintain scalp's natural pH balance
  • Softsens Tear-free Baby Shampoo is a mild, aqua-based shampoo that is enriched with castor oil to help promote healthy hair growth
  • Contains a special conditioning agent to keep hair soft and tangle-free
  • Gently cleanses hair & scalp and rinses off easily
  • With an ultra-mild TEAR-FREE formulation to prevent any skin or eye irritation
  • Infused with a light, allergen-free fragrance that leaves baby’s head smelling as sweet and fresh as ever

Country of Origin: India

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