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45 ml

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Ocean Dream Scented Plug In Air Freshener Kit


Fresh, floral scent that brings the sweet scents of the oceanside to you-like of cliffside flowers. The fragrance contains notes like citrus, Muguet, amber, etc., that differentiate it from most other aquatic fragrances. Perfect as an afternoon fragrance. This kit comes with our new Plug-In Machine and 1 Refill Oil. EKAM’s plug-in air fresheners are a flameless alternative to our scented candles. They are a neat way to fill small or damp spaces with a refreshing fragrance (without becoming overpowering). The standout feature of our Plug-In Refills is their universal compatibility, i.e. - if you don't happen to own EKAM's plug-in machine, you can easily insert the refill into any mosquito repellent machine available in the market today. However, they are not compatible with our Premium Plug-In Machines.

Fragrance Notes:

  • Top Notes: Fresh Citrus, Aqua
  • Heart Notes: Floral (Jasmine, Muguet), Orris violet
  • Base Notes: Ambery, Musky, Woody


  • Perfect for small, damp spaces including bathrooms, storage rooms, etc.
  • Universal Refill for all Repellant Machines
  • Flamless Alternative To Candles
  • IFRA Certified Fragrances
  • Advantages include lasting longer than candles, being handier to use than diffusers, etc.

How to Use:

  • You can either fit the refill into EKAM's Plug-In Machine or into any mosquito repellent machine available in the market & then switch it on.
  • Wait 10-15 minutes for the fragrance to fill the room.
  • Do not use continuously for more than 8 hours to avoid device overheating.

Shelf Life:

24 months

Country of Origin:


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