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Makeup has always been a way to express oneself. It makes you feel more confident in yourself. Makeup also allows you to conceal skin flaws that may make you self-conscious. Although you are not required to wear makeup or use it to cover anything, many people do so because it helps them conceal blemishes and dark spots. The best way to apply makeup depends on the occasion. Putting on appropriate makeup is also an excellent way to demonstrate that you're prepared. Wearing professional makeup to a job interview, for example, indicates that you want to work and would fit right in at the company. Before going out for the night, change your lip colour and add a wing to your eyeliner to show you're off the clock. Makeup Products Scroll down to read must-have makeup for your face, eyes, and lips and the tools you'll need to apply and store your makeup. Face Primer: Face primers have various effects on your skin and makeup; it is the first step before you start your makeup routine. The primary goal is to keep your skin smooth and your makeup looking fresh all day. Foundation: Foundation is probably the most challenging aspect of your makeup routine to master. You must consider the amount of coverage you desire (sheer, medium, or full) and your skin type and undertones. Concealer: If you have acne, dark circles under your eyes, or any other type of spot, concealer is a must-have. Blush: Blush is essential if you're wearing a foundation with a thicker layer of coverage, making your skin appear flat. Apart from these makeup products, there is lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, kajal, and many other things to complete your wholesome makeup routine. Bestselling/Trending Makeup Products Lipstick Foundation Concealer Kajal Mascara Lip and Cheek Tint Price Range and Usage of Makeup products The price range of makeup products differs from brand to brand and usage. A foundation with essential oils having skin care properties might cost a little more than a regular foundation without skin care properties. This is the same for lipsticks and other makeup products. Usually, makeup products start as low as Rs 50 and can go up to Rs. 3000 or above, depending on the brand. FAQs Is it ok to apply makeup products if they are expired? No, using expired makeup products can cause severe skin allergies and can harm your skin layer in the long run. Can I apply foundation to eyelids? Your eye makeup will crease if you use concealer or foundation as a base on your eyelids if not set with loose powder. Which comes first, concealer or foundation? Applying foundation first creates a smooth base that conceals redness, discolouration, and minor flaws. If you apply your concealer first, you may wipe some off when applying your foundation or use too much, making your face look heavy and cakey.


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