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When it comes to cleaning the bathroom, we all the simplest method possible while still ensuring that it is spotless. Nowadays, the bathroom is a crowded space that requires a lot of attention. You'll need the correct cleaners to get the bathroom germ-free and spotless in the shortest amount of time.

Normally, we get confused about what to use in the bathroom to achieve a spotless and germ-free bathroom. There are different products used to clean the bathroom. However, two products are usually sufficient to clean: surface cleaner and toilet cleaner. 

What exactly is a surface cleaner?

Surface cleaning is the process of removing dirt, dust, varnish, and other particles from an object's surface. Colors may become more vivid, details may become sharper, and previously invisible parts of an object may become visible as a result of cleaning, for this a Surface cleaner can be used. Surface cleaner refers to a device that uses VOC or HAP solvents in a liquid or vapor form to remove undesired foreign matter from the surfaces of materials. In the bathroom, a surface cleaner is used for the process of cleaning the surface such as tiles. It aids in the removal of germs and dirt from tile.

What exactly is a toilet cleaner?

A toilet cleaner is a liquid product used in the bathroom to clean or disinfect the toilet. Because the toilet is the source of many diseases, toilet cleaners are an essential part of every household. The toilet cleaner helps to prevent disease spread by disinfecting and cleaning the toilet seat.

Surface and toilet cleaners should be available in your home, but they should not be used interchangeably. Cleaning bathroom surfaces and toilet seats are meaningful and important because germs can be found not only on toilet seats but also on bathroom tiles.

Surface and toilet cleaners are available from a variety of brands. As a result, finding the ideal product for you in a single location is difficult. However, the individual should be aware that there are various types of toilets and surface cleaners. It is critical to find the right product for you. Surface cleaners are classified into two types: hard surface cleaners and floor surface cleaners. It is essential to understand which one is used for what.

So, how should your bathroom be cleaned?

To keep your bathroom clean and safe Follow these basic steps for cleaning dirty toilet bowls to quickly and effectively remove toilet rings, stains, and funky odors!

•    Begin by saturating the toilet bowl with toilet cleaner. Rinsing the cleaner around the bowel quickly with a brush.

•    While the cleaner is working, spray the toilet's exterior with an all-purpose disinfectant. If the toilet is particularly filthy, wipe it down with paper towels before tossing them in the trash.

•    Then, using a scrub sponge, clean the outside of the toilet. While you're there, pay close attention to the base and floor around the toilet. Remove the seat and clean it separately if you have a modern toilet with a quick-disconnect toilet seat.

•    After cleaning the exterior, clean the bowl with a toilet brush. If you have hard water rings or stains, you can remove them with a pumice stone.

•    You know that area beneath the rim where water drains? Many people do not scrub this because it is out of sight. Don't overlook this area! Clean the underside of the rim with your brush or sponge.

 Try toilet and surface cleaner with Smytten

Smytten is the only e-commerce website that allows you to test different toilet and surface cleaner brands before purchasing them. You can buy and test your preferred toilet and surface cleaners. You won't have to worry about wasting money on products you don't like. Smytten provides free product trials of your favorite brands.

Reasons why you should try toilet and surface cleaner before you buy it

It's difficult to choose which toilets and surface cleaners to purchase because you don't know which cleaner is best for your bathroom tiles, as different tiles necessitate different types of cleaner. So, first, experiment with different cleaners to determine which one is best for your bathroom. When you test products before purchasing them, you can make more informed decisions and avoid wasting money on ineffective products.


Q1.Can you use surface cleaner on a toilet seat?

 Answer: No, you can't. Only use surface cleaner on the floor and tiles.

Q2. How to use a toilet cleaner?


•    4 fl. oz. should be enough to coat the bowl, including under the rim. Close the lid.

•    Allow for 30 seconds to sanities.

•    Allow for 15 minutes to disinfect. After that, flush.

•    After using the brush, rinse it with clean water. If necessary, repeat.

Q3 Can you use toilet cleaner in the kitchen sink?

Answer: No toilet cleaner can only be used on the toilet seat. You can’t use it on the kitchen sink.


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