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There was a time when perfumes were only considered for special occasions. Now, that things have changed. You have got to put your best look forward every day. Nothing else, but perfume is that one thing that can help you stand out any day and every day. Be it your early morning huddle or a late movie night- one quick spray can change your game. Now that you have decided to buy the perfume. However, to understand which one’s best- you need to have a keen understanding of the perfumes available in the market. Le Parfum Family Just like any other product, perfumes also have a family tree. It has been divided into four key members- Floral, Oriental, Woody, and Fresh notes. Each note is sub-categorized into distinct scents that fall under the respective categories. Why is it essential to understand notes? With every note comes a distinct scent, and to understand which will suit you and which won’t, you need to have a detailed knowledge of it. Floral notes- Find the exotic beauty of flowers with floral fragrance. Known as the beauty of the perfume family, it resonates with beauty, vibrance, and love. It comprises roses, lilies, jasmine, and peonies. This note is used in women’s perfumes. However, to build a long-lasting fragrance, you can find this as the base note in scents for men as well. Oriental notes- If you’re looking for something that gives a spicy twist to your presence, then choose oriental notes over any other. Oriental notes have the aroma of cardamom, vanilla, cinnamon, etc., crafted for men who wish to add an extra heritage touch to their persona. Woody notes- Right from nature, we present you with this magnificent fragrance that is delightful because of its reminiscent aroma composed of varied aromatic and woody ingredients. This fragrance is also considered for pre-shave use. This note comprises cedarwood, sandalwood, and amber. It comes in with a heavy, fresh scent preferred for evening occasions. Fresh notes- The notes reveals grandeur, power, and elegance. It is designed for adventurous men who love to try different things. It is a lively fragrance that comprises fresh top citrus fruits. Some perfumes also have notes of water and greenery. Citrus notes are curated with lemon, bergamot, and mandarin. Water notes resonate with sea spray, and green fragrances make you remind of nature’s (leafy and herbal) scents. Fresh notes are pretty strong compared to the other ones. Try Perfumes With Smytten Now that you have a handful of knowledge regarding perfumes for men, it’s time to identify the one that belongs to you. Given a chance to do that, it will take many days to figure out that one perfect perfume. Let’s make your task a little easier. What if we tell you that you can first try them before buying? Won’t that be perfect? Try it with Smytten. At Smytten, you can have an end number of free trials before deciding which one you choose to go ahead with. Reasons Why You Should Try Perfumes Before Buy Them Are you still searching for your signature scent and are interested in experimenting with various kinds of fragrances? • Trying helps you find a suitable perfume for you. • You can save lot since you won’t spend fortunes buying extensive packaging. • You can have so many fragrances in your stash. • You can choose the one that your skin will end up loving FAQs 1. Where should you apply your perfume? If you want to protect your skin from constant irritation and want your perfume to last longer than anyone else’s, then wear your perfume in these places- Wrists, neck, knees, and the back of your knees. Refrain from spraying it around genitals, hair, eyes, and armpits. 2. What are top, middle, and base notes? Every perfume comes with top, middle and base notes. The top note has a fragrance that lasts for 60 seconds, the middle note (heart) lasts after that for some time (30 minutes), base notes are the actual player that lasts till the end. 3. Should I spray perfume on my skin or clothes? Apply the perfume on the skin than on clothes. However, if you’re sweating or in a hurry, then you can go ahead by directly applying it to clothes as well. The risk of using perfumes on clothes is that they can leave spots that become difficult to remove once it leaves the marks. 4. Difference between body mist and perfume? A body mist crafted with alcohol or water and fragrance oil is less quantity. On the other hand, perfume consists of a higher concentration of fragrance oil mixed with alcohol/water. In short, body mists have a mild scent while perfumes have a more pungent smell.

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