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Every time someone gets ready for an outing or an event, they follow a routine. A regime that keeps them fresh and rejuvenated. People take a good shower, wash their hair, carefully select an outfit, and put out matching footwear. The process sounds so perfect. Well, all the efforts go down in drains when they pull out the same deodorant they use after their sweaty gym session. While it is common amongst men to use strong deodorants, they can sometimes be very overpowering. Different occasions need different scents. It is against the fragrance rulebook to use the same scent everywhere. You have to make the right balance between perfumes and milder ones. Thank god for mists! Body Mists for men are a new concept amongst gentlemen, but there are plenty of reasons to make this much-needed switch. Mists for men land somewhere between deodorant and cologne. The body spray wears very light but keeps you smelling fresh all day. Whether you are getting ready for a date or a sudden catch-up with friends, body mists will give you the much-needed instant freshness. Try Mists With Smytten We're one step closer to keeping that body odor away, so how about a nice and refreshing Body Mists for him? You need to get your hands on the best body mists and even better if the notes of your body mist match with your roll-on deodorant and perfume. But how do you decide on the best body mist without burning a hole in your pocket? We have an answer- all you need to do is start with some free trials with Smytten today. It's a great way to save money and test out many fragrances before choosing the one right for you. Smytten's free trials are your best friend. Reasons Why You Should Try Mists Before You Buy It There are different scents for different climates and events like office meetings, clubbing, and weddings. It becomes hard to buy a mist that fits every bill. Therefore it becomes even essential to try before you go out and buy. • Trying out samples help you get a fair idea of its top, middle and base notes. • Free trials help you decide whether it is a long-lasting perfume or not. • You can choose the right fragrance as per your occasion. • You can find your signature smell. • You will know if your perfume choice matches your personality and suits your style. FAQ's 1. The difference between a Body Mist and a Perfume? Men's body mists are softer versions of male perfumes and colognes, making them perfect when you want to tone down the intensity. The time has come for men to opt for refreshing and lighter tones that leave a subtle scent all day. 2. How do I choose between Perfume and Body mists? Choosing between perfume and body mist can be challenging since both are designed to make you smell better. But always select mists when you are planning a casual outing. You will feel refreshed and relaxed. The purpose of perfume is to enhance special occasions with a more pungent smell and a longer-lasting scent. But you can also choose the same family of scents for your everyday use. Right after your shower, apply an antiperspirant or a roll-on deodorant to your underarms. Top it up with the body mist, which has similar notes. Finally, end your regime with the perfume with the same family. 3. What's the correct way to apply Body Mists? The right way to wear body mists can enhance their scent. Make sure you follow these steps: Right after your shower, spray a fragrance of body mist for men liberally on your entire body. Most fragrance mists last between 4-6 hours, which means you need to reapply when you want to enjoy a subtle scent. Don't rub it in! Be patient. You don’t want to break fragrance molecules by rubbing them in.

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