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The shampoo is an integral part of everyone's hair care routine. However, in the hustle-bustle of managing our overall haircare, we sometimes neglect to choose this vital hair care ingredient. A good hair care routine is incomplete without shampoo, and while one may think this to be something we recently came up with as humanity, cleaning hair has been a vital ritual since the golden old days. The origin of the word shampoo has been associated with the word "chapati" in Sanskrit, meaning to soothe, which is in line with the overnight hair oiling routine we all follow, especially in India. What goes into the making of a shampoo? The shampoo is made out of a surfactant, the stuff which helps gather all of the oily gunk of your hair in a foam, along with a co-surfactant to form a thick viscous liquid. Using this hair care product effectively can help you attain the healthy and robust waves of hair you have always longed for. What's more, good hair is a powerful indicator of good health, so hair wealth is health wealth too. How to choose the right shampoo? Choosing the right shampoo for you can seem daunting at first, given the number of shampoo brands available in the market. However, if kept in mind during your search, there are a few points that can aid in finding your right match in the sea of shampoo brands. 1. Understanding your scalp Understanding the anatomy of your scalp can help you decide which shampoo fits in the shampoo brands arena. For example, the choice of a hydrating shampoo can be, for a dry scalp, whereas a Shampoo for Dandruff will aid you in tackling your icky dandruff issues. Doing this small check right at the start will help you earn positive points from your scalp and, in the long run, help in better hair growth. 2. Listening to your hair needs Your hair is unique, and it has its own set of needs. For example, is your hair naturally straight or curly? Does it tend to tangle? Do you have split-ends? Does it get frizzy in dry weather? Answering all these questions can go a long way in helping you make the right choice for your hair care needs. 3. Choosing your shampoo for dandruff Dandruff is another ball game for hair care. White flakes, whether oily or dry or because of a deeper ailment, leave their mark all over the place, and you need to deal with it, every now and then, based on your dandruff type. Luckily, there's a variety you can choose from to put all of your needs in a single bucket and help you get the right shampoo for dandruff. 4. Finding shampoo price within budget Shampoo price is an integral part of anyone's hair care budget and should be for you too. The Shampoo price can be in any range, whether it is a low budget, mid-budget or high budget, and you can make your pick wisely. The Shampoo price is also sometimes an essential indicator of the quality of special ingredients used, so make sure to spend some time here. Try Shampoo with Smytten On Smytten, you can get free shampoo product trials. Here's a fun way to try new brands experiments and find the best possible shampoo for your hair. So go with the free trials offered by your favourite brands & make your choice today! Reasons Why You Should Try Shampoo Before You Buy it - You want to give your hair the right amount of pampering - You want to know if a shampoo will work with your hair type. - You want to try out a bunch of the new product types - You're eager to find the best scalp match. - You want to make progress with your hair care but aren't sure where to start. So don't think too hard about it; try it for free and see what works best for you. FAQs 1. What's the difference between a regular shampoo & an anti-dandruff shampoo? A normal shampoo removes oil and grease from your scalp, roots and hair, while an anti-dandruff shampoo has active ingredients like Coal-tar or Ketoconazole, which helps in removing the flakes. 2. What are herbal shampoos? Herbal shampoos use time-tested natural ingredients such as plant extracts, special enzymes or something else. As a result, they are skin-friendly, cost-friendly and earth-friendly. 3. What ingredients should I check before choosing a shampoo? Choose ingredients that are in harmony with your scalp and hair type and scalp and, even better, eco-friendly to aid in a better climate consciousness.

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