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Off late, face shaving has come across as a painless alternative to various facial hair removal methods for women, which are generally painful. Face shaving is done usually, by using a face razor. No additional razors or cartridges are usually needed for such razors. They come equipped with a single ribbed blade customized to remove facial hair and even dead skin. The process of face shaving involves cleansing, applying a cream, shaving & moisturizing. Here are some reasons to go for face shaving • Glowing, smoother skin: Face razor removes dead skin and the buildup of oil on the face. Face razor for women comes with a specially designed razor blade which not only removes facial hair but also removes oily buildup and dead skin cells and leaves the skin feeling lighter and smoother. • Easy makeup application: Face razor for women helps in setting up your skin for easy, smooth makeup application. The dirt on your face is removed by the razor blade and your facial pores are cleansed. This helps in increasing the access to makeup. Additionally, makeup products are layered better and give you the desired look you were hoping to get. • Face razor for women is cost-effective: Face razor for women differs from men’s razor in design and doesn’t need multiple razors or cartridges. It is a budget-friendly alternative to other facial hair removal methods such as threading or Laser treatments. Eliminating the need for various razors or cartridges means you will get to use the same razor many times, for extra savings. • Say bye to pain: We all know how painful threading or waxing is. Now imagine subjecting your skin to this pain multiple times. So arent’s face razors that too, without any regular use of razors or cartridges, a better alternative. Try Razors & Cartridges with Smytten On Smytten, you can get free product trials for all your face shaving needs. With an eclectic selection of products to choose from for each shaving stage, you can prepare yourself for a unique facial care experience. So, go with the free trials offered by your favourite brands & make your choice today! Reasons Why You Should Try Face Razors & Cartridges Before You Buy Them • You are prepared to let go of painful facial care options • You are ready to see how your skin feels after better makeup application • You are looking for a budget-friendly DIY alternative to threading • Your facial skin is looking forward to feeling pampered and happy • You want to experiment with a variety of face razors FAQs 1. What’s the difference between a regular razor & a face razor? A regular body razor is meant to help you remove hair from all over your body and, a face razor enables you to remove facial hair and oil build up on your hair. 2. Do face razors require razor changes and cartridges? Face razors contain a single blade helping remove fine facial hair, which is tough to remove for regular razors. 3. Can I use face razors by myself? Yes, Face razors are very easy to use, and with a bit of practice at home, you can use them effectively. All you need to do is, keep the face razor at a tilted angle to your face and use a gliding motion.

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