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Using the right moisturizer is an absolute must for healthy and hydrated skin. Its nourishing properties give a rich glow while also making your skin soft. Regardless of your skin type, this acts as a crucial step in your skincare routine. When done on sensitive skin, moisturizing can help boost repair leading to healthy skin. Similarly, application on dry skin helps lock in all the goodness, keeping your skin well-hydrated. Here are a few points to remember to help you navigate through which moisturizer is a must-try. Identify your skin type Knowing which one your skin falls under is essential to the four standard skin type classifications (dry, sensitive, normal, and combination). Your skin type should ideally dictate your choice of moisturizer. Keep the weather in mind Winter skincare routine differs from a summer skincare routine. The same applies to a humid atmosphere during rains. Therefore, it is essential to consider the weather when looking for lotions and moisturizers. Consider the bathwater temperature The hotter the bathwater is, the drier your skin will become post-bath. On the other hand, a colder temperature would not result in the same, which means that the moisturizer you go for should ideally complement your temperature preference. Dry skin during cold weather requires an additional amount of protection. We would recommend the use of a thicker moisturizer like body butter. Sensitive skin during the hot weather tends to have more breakouts, which is why the usage of a thin lotion across your body would be ideal. If you have a combination skin type, pay closer attention to how your skin reacts during the colder or hotter months, and pick your moisturizer accordingly. Try Moisturizers and Lotions With Smytten Get free trials of Moisturizers and Lotions on Smytten. If you’ve ever wanted to try something new but weren’t sure if it was the right choice, we’ve got you covered. Choose from ___+ free trials from the brands that you love and find your favourites. Discover the best of Moisturizers and Lotions today! Reasons Why You Should Try Moisturizers & Lotions Before You Buy it - You don’t know your exact skin type. - You want to try moisturizers according to the weather. - You’d like to see if a product fits in your routine. - You want to experience multiple moisturizers at the same time. - You’re curious to find the perfect match for your skin. - Youwant to switch things up but don’t know where to start.

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