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Lips, in contrast to the rest of your body's skin, lack sebaceous glands. These microscopic glands become hair follicles when they open. They produce the oil that keeps the skin soft and moisturised. While it may be natural to lick your lips to keep them moisturised, doing so actually contributes to increased dryness. Licking can also lead to a buildup of yeast on the lips. The key to maintaining healthy lips is daily use of a moisturising product. If your lips are extremely dry, you may also wish to exfoliate them once or twice a week. Lip care routines consist of two components: hydration and exfoliation. You should only exfoliate your lips if they are prone to chapping and cracking. 1. Hydrate - While following lip care, apply moisturising balm liberally over lips, including the corners, with an applicator or your fingers. - If you're going to be outside and your lip moisturiser doesn't contain sunscreen, apply an SPF 30+ lip balm afterward. - Reapply as needed throughout the day at regular intervals. 2. Exfoliate - Use your fingertips to apply a small amount of exfoliating scrub. - For no more than 30 seconds, gently rub over the lips in small circular motions. - Allow the nourishing oils to soak in by leaving the mixture on your lips for 10 minutes. - Use warm water for rinsing. - Using a clean towel, pat the skin dry. - To lock in moisture and soothe lips, apply a protective balm. - Stay hydrated and avoid picking or biting your lips to improve your lip health. - It's also important to use sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 whenever you're out in the sun. This can be included in your lip care product or added on top of it. Lip Care During Winters Winter can be a tough season for your lips, when they frequently become chapped, dry, and cracked. "Cold weather has a significant impact on our bodies, including our lips." So, it’s important to follow proper lip care in the winter season. While deciding on lip care for the winter, keep in mind a few things – use a lip balm that’s ointment based, stay hydrated & obviously don’t lick. Lip Care For Men It makes no difference what gender you are. If you have lips, you must take care of them. No matter how you identify, you can care for your pout using the same steps. There are no such different routines called lip care for men when it comes to lips. What women use can be used by men. Lip balms made up of white petrolatum, lanolin, shea butter, beeswax, glycerin & ceramides are generally recommended when it comes to lip care for men. Lip care on a regular basis can help keep your lips soft and smooth. Exfoliate extremely dry lips once or twice a week with sugar or salt mixed with nourishing oil, then apply a balm. Don't forget to apply SPF 30+ to your lips whenever you go outside. But if you smoke or your lips are naturally dark then you should go for Lip Care Products For Dark Lips. There are lip care products which are specially made for dark lips. Likewise, there are lip care products which are specially made for male lips. Brands like mCaffeine, Mamaearth, Dot & Key etc are offering some amazing lip care products for dark lips. You can purchase these lip care products online. There are various offers & deals you can grab on these lip care products online. Try Lip Care Products with Smytten Smytten offers free Lip Care Products Trials. This is the place to be if you've ever wanted to try something new but weren't sure if it was the right thing to do. Explore the free trials offered by your favourite brands to see which ones you like best. Reasons Why You Should Try Lip Care Products Before You Buy it - You have no idea what type of Lip Care Products are good. - You want to know if a product will suit your needs. - You want to try out similar things at the same time. - You're eager to find the best option in Lip Care Products. - You'd like to make a change but aren't sure where to begin. FAQs 1. What is the best care for lips? Exfoliating, hydrating & moisturising are the key to healthy lips. 2. What is a lip care routine? Lip care on a regular basis can help keep your lips soft and smooth. Look for a lip balm that contains shea butter or petrolatum. Apply whenever your lips are dry. Exfoliate extremely dry lips once or twice a week with sugar or salt mixed with nourishing oil, then apply a balm. 3. What colour are healthy lips? The vermillion has no hair follicles, salivary, sweat, or sebaceous glands, unlike the other skin on our faces. The colour of a normal, healthy lip varies based on skin tone and other factors, but it should be in the reddish-pink to brown range.

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