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With the rising pollutants and dust around us, similar to our skin, a layer of protection is equally essential for our hair. Along with hydrating shampoos and leave-in treatments, hair serums also plays a big role in managing and maintaining your hair. You can choose from three types of hair serums that are readily available i.e. cream, oil, or silicone-based. Hair serum is a styling product that coats the hair shafts, helps with shine, smoothness, and hydration, stimulates hair growth, and protects your hair from humidity and pollution. It can be used before wash as an added hair treatment or after wash as a pre-styling treatment and a finishing product. Why do you need a hair serum? The right serum for your hair type can address multiple concerns for both men and women, from smoothing the hair, adding shine, and detangling to repairing damage and protecting from pollution. If you've done a hair treatment like coloring or keratin, a good serum is essential to keep the hair strong and nourished. Serums also make the hair manageable and protect it from the harmful UV rays when outdoors. Packed with a potent concentration of key ingredients including various herbs, hair serums are an essential product that can effectively smooth, soften, and protect the hair from environmental aggressors for all genders. How to choose the right hair serum? To maintain and manage your hair, it’s important to acknowledge your hair type and concerns. There are several hair serums at different price ranges suited for specific hair types and concerns. Below is a guideline to pick the right hair serum for your strands as per your hair type and concerns. •Serums to manage hair with split ends- Split ends make our shafts prone to breakage and frayed. The use of keratin-based hair serums can help get rid of split- ends and prevent strands from splitting. Keratin is the major protein that is naturally present in our hair to protect your hair and keep them healthy. Due to exposure to external factors like the sun, pollution, chemicals, or changes in your lifestyle, the keratin present in the hair slowly fades away. This leads to dry, damaged, and dull hair. •Serums to protect hair against heat and pollution- Exposure to sun, dust, toxic gas, and chemicals can make your hair dry, dull, and prone to breakage. Choosing hair serums that contain lavender and jojoba oils can help restore the shine and revive your hair from the inside as these oils prime and nourishes along with adding sheen to your hair. Such serums are also extremely lightweight and absorb into the hair quickly. •Serums for dry and dull hair- Excessive dry hair needs extra care and nutrition. Using a serum that is cream-based rather than oil-based will help not weigh down your hair by also maintaining its moisture. You can apply serums that can be used overnight to both damp and dry hair and wake up with nourished and shiny hair the next day. •Serums for thick and textured hair- If you have thick and textured tresses you are going to need a hard-working serum that will give your hair that extra hydration it requires. Pick up serums infused with argan and moroccan oils to tame your tresses and give them a healthy shine. •Serums for curly and frizzy hair- Curls automatically tend to get frizzier and are difficult to manage. The best serums for wavy and curly hair are those that have intense moisturizing properties. To bring your curly hair back to life and keep them bouncy and glossy, you need to pick serums infused with hydrating oils like jojoba, argan, sweet almond, and marula. •Serums for colored hair- For those of you who have colored or chemically treated hair, there are lightweight cream-based hair serums available in the market that besides silicone contain ingredients like jojoba, argan, and coconut oil along with green tea extracts. These work perfectly for colored and chemically processed hair. Try Hair Serum with Smytten On Smytten, you can get free hair serum product trials. Here's a fun way to try new brands experiments and find the best possible hair serums for your hair. So go with the free trials offered by your favorite brands & make your choice today! Reasons Why You Should Try Hair Serum Before You Buy it • You want to give your hair the right amount of pampering • You want to know if a hair serum will work with your hair type. • You want to try out a bunch of the new product types • You're eager to find the best scalp match. • You want to make progress with your hair care but aren't sure where to start. So don't think too hard about it; try it for free and see what works best for you. FAQs 1. Should I use hair serum if I have naturally fine hair? It's a myth that hair serum will weigh down naturally fine hair. Instead, it all depends on which kind of serum you use and in what quantity. A serum formulated to repair and strengthen hair will actually give thicker, healthier-looking results. If your hair lacks volume, or quickly becomes greasy at the roots, focus your serum application on the lengths and tips, and only use a couple of drops. 2. When should I start using hair serum? If you've noticed your hair looks dull and lackluster, it tangles and breaks easily, if you suffer from frizzy or fly away, or are a regular user of heated tools and chemical products like hair gel or wax, serum could be your hair care solution. 3. What's the difference between a hair oil and hair serum? Hair oil and oil-based serum may have similar textures but are not the same. The former is designed to penetrate past the hair cuticles into the cortex of the fiber itself to restore the hair after damage such as post-coloring or after over-styling. The latter is used as a styling tool to protect hair, increase shine and reduce frizz by providing a glossy and smoothing layer over the hair fiber.

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