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The extent of hygiene that you maintain is a direct reflection of who you are as a person. Especially when you are a female, you must regard feminine hygiene on the highest pedestal. Feminine hygiene is the cleaning and sanitization of the private body parts of females. These areas include the vaginal and the breast area. Earlier, women were unaware of this aspect of hygiene. But in recent years, women are becoming increasingly aware of feminine hygiene, feminine hygiene products, and vaginal cleansing. There are numerous feminine hygiene products that aid women achieve the highest extent of feminine hygiene. These products range from intimate hygiene wipes to intimate gels, and intimate foam washes. Intimate feminine hygiene not only helps women stay clean and dry but also enhances their reproductive health and keeps them away from infections of the reproductive tract. Feminine hygiene is vital, and should not just be maintained at home but also in the workplace. Feminine hygiene tips all women must know: • Wash your intimate parts every day- Wash and clean your vagina every day. The biggest mistake that women make is not washing their vagina thoroughly. As you go from puberty to adulthood, it is especially vital for you to take reproductive hygiene seriously. The Namyaa intimate wash, intimate foaming washes, and intimate hygiene wipes can work wonders for washing and cleaning your vagina. Wet wipes for intimate hygiene do a great job at eliminating the fishy odor. Never use soap to wash your vulva. The skin down there is really sensitive and soap can disrupt the pH of the vagina. Intimate foaming washes, on the other hand, are gentle on the skin and have a neutral pH. • Wash the outside of your vagina only- The inside of your vagina need not be cleaned as it houses its own cleaning mechanism. Hence, when you use an intimate foaming wash, it is advisable that you clean your vulva. The vulva comprises the outer and inner folds of the vagina. Things such as period blood, white vaginal discharge, and the accumulation of sweat should be cleaned timely to eliminate the risks of potential infections. • Try using pH-balanced feminine washes- Regular soaps and shower gels could prove detrimental to the health of your reproductive organs. The skin has a pH of 5.5 and the pH of a healthy vagina differs from 3.8-to 4.5. Using a bar of harsh soap can drastically cause an imbalance in the vaginal pH. • Avoid using gloves or sponges to wash your intimate areas- Wet wipes come in handy when you are away from home. They are a relatively newer concept and are radicalizing the intimate hygiene products arena. Wet wipes can be used after peeing and also without doing so. They cleanse the area and help you get rid of the odor and make you feel fresh and clean for a longer time. Working women have to work for long hours and may not have the luxury to use an intimate foaming wash. This is when wet wipes for intimate hygiene save the day. They are easy to carry, portable, convenient, demand-oriented, and user-friendly. They can effectively wipe away period remains vaginal discharge and sweat. Try Feminine Hygiene Products With Smytten No other e-commerce platform allows you to try its commodities. When you decide to buy from Smytten, you get a trial for all the commodities that you wish to buy. With us, you can also try feminine hygiene products before buying them. We have an exclusive range of intimate foaming washes, wet wipes for intimate hygiene, and some of the best brands that make brilliant feminine hygiene products. With us, you do not have to worry about the quality. Reasons To Try Feminine Hygiene Products Before You Buy Them • It is important to try such products to make sure that the product you will be using is gentle on your skin. • One must ensure that the product is not disrupting the pH of your vagina. • It is necessary to ensure that the product suits your body and there are no side effects. FAQs 1. Why is intimate feminine hygiene important? Intimate feminine hygiene not only helps women stay clean and dry but also enhances their reproductive health and keeps them away from infections of the reproductive tract. 2. What is the ideal pH of the vagina? The pH of a healthy vagina differs from 3.8-4.5 3. Will the materials in feminine care products irritate or sensitize my skin? All feminine care products are uniquely designed for use against the skin. All materials undergo rigorous evaluation to ensure that they are safe and unlikely to produce a reaction.


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