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Showers are the best! Awaken yourself for an active day ahead and calm yourself after a hard day of work. Shower time is very personal when we connect with ourselves, and the soaps, shower gels & shower accessories we use can make the whole experience worthwhile. Feel refreshed, ready & relaxed. The best things about showers are: - It helps to keep your skin healthy, - It improves blood circulation - Decreases stress - Increases immunity - Washes away all the toxins - Help keep your hair and scalp clean - Keeps skin clean, removes the dead skin, and clears the pores What is the difference between a bath and a shower? Showers and baths are different in many respects and have their advantages. Showering can be quick, where water distributes evenly over your body, efficiently mixes with soaps and gels, and removes all the dirt & sweat properly. The water and soap keeps getting drained as we shower. On the other hand, baths are where we immerse ourselves in a tub filled with clean water, where soap bombs, Epsom salts, essential oils, bubble foam, or foaming gel get added. Let's not underestimate the power of long baths. Baths are great for relaxing your entire body of any pains and niggles. It allows the blood circulation to flow quickly, stimulates the nervous system, allows the body to be more oxygenated. The long and warm water baths help in relaxation & alleviate one's mood. Bath essentials to create a perfect bath To make your bath pleasurable, make it an experience that helps you relax and unwind. Add a bath bomb, Epsom salts, light a scented candle, A sprinkle in a few flower petals unwind while reading a book or listening to soothing music. Make a spa-quality treatment at home. Create an atmosphere and the mood by adding essential oils to your bath. Purchase all the bath accessories online under the bathroom accessories online tab. You can buy them individually or purchase them as a bath accessories set. Is applying soap enough for me? A humble soap can only do so much. It's essential to use suitable soap, shower gel, or exfoliant to get the feeling of cleanliness and body to be free of all germs and bacteria. Using inappropriate soap on your face & body will leave dry, flaky skin, which in turn causes itchiness. Must purchase soap & shower gels, keeping in mind the skin type and the kind of benefits you would like to get from your Shower or Bath. Do I need all the bath accessories? It's essential to understand what comprises bath accessories. Things like a loofah, shower cap, scrubber, soap bombs, essential oils, shower gels, body scrubs are all crucial parts of one's shower. They help get rid of dead skin from our body and let our body develop much healthier & glowing skin. Do I need to take a shower every day? Regular showers are significant, which constitutes healthy habits, keeps skin refreshed and clean, & removes all the dirt & bacteria from your skin. What happens when you shower too many times in a day? One would think that the more, the better. Well, not necessarily. It's like having too much of a good thing. You only need to shower enough to keep yourself clean and not smell. Anything more than that can strip off your skin with the natural protective layer, which might cause the skin to feel dry and itchy. Try Bath & Shower products with Smytten Smitten lets people try out Bath & Shower products for free. If you've ever wanted to try something new but didn't know if it was the right thing to do. Check out the free trials from your favourite brands to find the ones you like best. Discover the best bath and shower products today! Reasons why you should try bath & shower before you buy it - You have no idea what type of skin you have. - You want to know if a product will work with your daily routine. - You want to try out similar things at the same time. - You're eager to find the best skin-tone match. - You'd like to make a change but aren't sure where to begin. FAQs 1. My kid uses my soap & shampoo, which I think should be okay. We cannot use our soaps and shampoos on our kids. As we grow, our skin needs a different kind of treatment depending on the condition of our skin. Soaps and gels made for adults are very different from what is made for our kids. A child's body is far more sensitive and their hair is delicate, and they need specially formulated products. For example, adult soaps are designed to dissolve body odour and remove oil from the skin. Whereas babies don't have these problems, we are stripping our kids' gentle skin of the protective layer it needs by using adult products. Also, we might be carriers of skin diseases, which unknowingly we might pass on to a child or children. For kids, the products are manufactured keeping in mind their soft skin, delicate eyes, and shampoos to protect their sensitive eyes. 2. Can I share my bath accessories with my family and friends? Sharing soaps or loofah, which is being used for bathing, can increase the risks of transmission of germs from one person to another. Most skin specialists warn people not to share the same bath accessories like bar soap and loofah. An innocent-looking bath soap might be a carrier of germs spreading into the whole family. 3. With the wide range of shower and bathing products available in the market, how do I know which one is best for me? Smytten offers you smaller packs for trial, which helps you make an informed decision about your bath and shower needs and which is best suitable for you to spend your money.


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