White Sage & Pomegranate Flower Tisane Herbal Tea

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white sage and pomegranate flower Tisane herbal tea is a balanced blend of white sage leaves and pomegranate flower which has a soothing mildly sedative effect to relax your mind and body. FEATURES: - This tea has antioxidants which act as a medium to clean up the free radicals of metabolism and other environmental toxins. - It improves the heart health, treats depression and preserves a mental health balance thereby increasing the immune system functioning. - It is also effective for treating hyper acidity. - It has antibacterial properties which aids digestion and helps to fight various stomach ailments thereby acting as an internal healer. - It contains high amount of Vitamin E , a nutrient beneficial for maintaining the health of the skin. - This herbal tea is sleep inducing and possess low caffeine content. HOW TO BREW: In a cup, add 1 /4 teaspoon (0.25 gm) of tisane & add water at 80° C. To avoid overcooking the tea, let it sit for two minutes and cherish the energizing tea blend.