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Bar And Bar Accessories - Whiskey Stone Box

On The Rocks

Whiskey Stone Box

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One box contains: - 12 stones - Velvet storage pouch - Mini booklet which explains art of drinking whiskey The concept started long back, when there was no ice. Whiskey lovers used to put pebbles in their drinks, to cool it down and this is how the term, ‘On the rocks” originated, which got replaced with ice. Whiskey being a very complex formula, if had chilled or warm the flavours and aromas goes for a toss, hence the right temperature is 15-20 degree Celsius. How to Use Whiskey Stones: - These are stored in freezer, and when ever there is an urge of a fine drink, just put 3 stones in your drink (neat with very little water) and the last sip is equivalent to the first sip, without any dilution or change in taste. - Rinse under running water, pat them dry and back in the freezer. - This box makes an amazing gift for the scotch/single malts/ whiskey lovers. - Also makes one unique bar accessory.

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