Turmeric Ginger Tulsi Immunity Booster Green Tea | 50 Teabags + 2 Free Samples

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Shelf life: 12 Months

About the product:

Onlyleaf turmeric ginger tulsi green tea a coming together of rich, fine graded ingredients, this tea is a flavourful cup with the richness of turmeric, ginger, and basil. With rich ingredients that are well known for their medicinal qualities, this tea definitely strengthens you with every cup.

- This flavourful cup comes with the richness of turmeric, ginger, basil; Turmeric is well known for its potent medicinal anti-bacterial properties; The additional soothing effects of ginger are an added bonus to the health benefits of the anti-oxidants present in each sip.

- This cup is filled with the mild aroma of turmeric the biting sweet warmth of ginger; Turmeric gives the drink its characteristic colour adds a slightly pungent flavour to it; The mix of these two spices is special gives the cup a certain heat zest with a mild woody flavour.

Box Contains: 
52 Whole Leaf Teabags (2 Free Exotic Samples included).

Turmeric, Ginger, Tulsi Green Tea. 

How to use:
When preparing green tea do not use boiling water or piping hot water. Water at lower temperatures will give your tea better taste and will not be bitter. Ideal brew time is 5-6 minutes at 90-100 Degrees Celsius.

About the brand:
Onlyleaf teas contain unbroken-whole leaves that retain the flavour profile of the tea to the fullest extent. Additionally, they do not dry out as quick and retain valuable anti-oxidants. These Teas are processed in a manner that minimizes drying - consequently and ensure that the flavor components like tannis and essential oils are retained to the maximum extent giving you a more flavorsome experience.

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