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Premium Samples - Summer Stunner


Summer Stunner

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Summer Stunner includes:
1. Seer Secrets: D’fend SPF 30+ Creme (5g): Offering complete UVA and UVB protection, this SPF 30+ sunscreen is formulated with water rich in minerals of calcium, iron, and magnesium. Its non-greasy, lightweight formula hydrates with a water-like texture while soya butter moisturizes the skin. It protects the skin from seasonal pollution, smoothes wrinkles, reduces pigmentation, and prevents sunburn and suntan. Gets absorbed into the skin quickly and does not make the skin white.

2. FreshLook: Pure Hazel (1 Day): Let the worldview a new you every day with FreshLook’s vibrant, playful spectrum of colored contacts. Lens up and refresh your eyes with the serene woodsy grandeur of Pure Hazel. Equipped with FreshLook’s 3 in 1 technology that combines three colors into one to blend naturally with your eye color, these green-brown lenses are also thin, breathable and super-comfy to wear.

3. BioBloom: Hair Cleanser-Nourishing & Anti Breakage (30ml): This Nourishing Hair Cleanser from BioBloom is enriched with Brahmi, Hibiscus & Amla extracts. It helps in providing nourishment to weak hair giving strength to your hair from root to tip and making them shine and look healthy.


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