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Gifts Or Combos - Subtle Citrus Beard Oil & Beard Brush


Subtle Citrus Beard Oil & Beard Brush

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Subtle Citrus Beard Oil & Beard Brush includes: - Subtle Citrus Beard Oil (10ml): BeardHood’s Subtle Citrus beard oil will make you smell slightly tropical with a woody musk. The citrus element goes great in the summer and you’ll feel fruity fresh throughout the day! - Beard Brush - 100% Boar Bristles - Rosewood Handle (1unit): The ultimate tool for the heavily bearded man, BeardHood’s beard brush is made with the old-school knowledge and resources that have stood the test of time. It’ll keep you mane and check and is definitely the grooming essential you need to maintain a heavy beard. A carefully crafted tool with an extremely durable premium rosewood handle. It will last you a lifetime and the 100% natural boar bristles are sourced from remote locations to provide the best quality possible.

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