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Creams And Lotions - SPF 50+ Sun Screen For Men


SPF 50+ Sun Screen For Men

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This sunscreen is specially formulated for men, as men tend to spend a lot of time outdoors which calls for extra protection to keep their skin healthy and avoid sunburn. Ustraa Sunscreen helps in protection from the sun without the use of harmful chemical ingredients. Sun's rays penetrate the skin and get absorbed at various depths in the form of UV Rays. UVA and UV-B which is the main cause of Sun damage. This SPF 50+ sunscreen cream provides protection of up to 370 nano meters, providing a defence against the harmful rays. Directions to use : Apply liberally on face and visible parts of body at least 15 mins before sun exposure. Reapply every 5-6 hours or whenever required like after washing face, swimming, towel wiping or extended sun exposure. Returns would ONLY be accepted in case of a Defect or Damage. For more, please visit the Returns & Cancellation Policy section in the Menu.

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