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Tea - Pure Sencha Tea

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Pure Sencha Tea

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Indulge your senses in sencha tea which is the perfect tea for an enriching experience that not only gives us immunity but a soothing touch. Ingredients: Sencha Green Tea Steps towards a Perfect Cup of Tea: - Place 1 Tea spoon(2 grams) of tea in the pot . - Heat water to 80-85°C. - Pour 200 ml of hot water on the top of tea-leaves. - Let it infuse for 3-5 minutes, according to your taste. - Now you can enjoy your tea with a great smile. Health Gain Factor: Weighty issues? Try the green tea, Sencha, the most popular tea from Japan. Processed tea leaves not just overwhelms your brain but also burn those extra kilos with grace. Drinking green tea is like saving body from harmful cell formation by pollution. Feel Good Factor: Straight out of bed, gulp in the Japanese beauty called Japan-ease sencha. This blend eases your nerves by calming them with its magical effect making your smile vibrant. Quality Factor: Leaves of Sencha are hand-picked and hand-rolled.One can see the leaves unfurl in hot water. The quality that leaves impression is awaiting. So come and grab your pack of sencha now.

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