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Tea - Pure Chamomile Flower

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Pure Chamomile Flower

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Invoke your taste buds with the new pure chamomile tea, right before sleeping. This tea can be a great start or finish for the day. Ingredients: Pure chamomile flower Steps towards a Perfect Cup of Tea: - Place 1 Tea spoon(2 grams) of tea in the pot . - Heat water to 90-95°C. - Pour 200 ml of hot water on the top of tea-leaves. - Let it infuse for 5 minutes, according to your taste. - Now you can enjoy your tea with a great smile. Feel Good Factor: Come on the way of relaxation with pure chamomile tea. You will surely cherish the taste of this absolute beauty as it has a cool feel with it that recharges your muscles and pumps them with energy . Quality Factor: Pure Chamomile Tea, with a few sips, provides relaxation. The flowers for the tea are selected carefully to give the tea a wonderful touch.

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