Premium Masala Tea (3 flavours X 100g)

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Shelf Life: 12 Months

About the Product:
Taj Mahal Gift Box is a fine assortment of 3 specially curated premium masala flavoured tea which ensures your gift will appeal to tea lovers with different taste buds. Each of these flavours is crafted using select tea from the best tea regions India and flavours of premium quality spices.

1. Kashmiri Spice Tea (100g) - Saffron & Cardamom - The misty valleys of Kashmir have inspired this delicate flavoured tea, immersed with the taste of exotic saffron, cherished cardamom and other aromatic spices to give you a sweet and pleasant aftertaste

2. Jaipuri Spice Tea (100g) - Rich Spicy Masala - The recipes from Jaipur's royal kitchens have inspired this bold flavoured tea, infused with the taste of a spicy masala of clove, ginger and other rich spices, to give you a strong and distinctive taste.

3. Mumbai Spice Tea (100g) - Mint & Lemongrass - A special tea inspired by Mumbai's vibrant energy. This zesty flavoured tea is infused with the taste of mint, lemongrass and other flavourful spices to give you a refreshing and aromatic aftertaste.

- These unique flavours are perfect for gifting and you can be assured that the recipients of this gift will remember you with every sip from their Tea Cup.

- The Taj Mahal Premium Masala Tea comes as a beautifully crafted, luxurious-looking, reusable gift box with a magnetic lid to make sure your gift is remembered for long after. It opens up to reveal 3 specially curated premium masala flavoured tea.

Saffron, Cardamom, Mint, Lemongrass and rich spicy masala.

How to Use:
Prepare it in the way you make your normal tea. No need to add any other ingredients apart from milk and sugar.

About the Brand:
Taj Mahal Tea House recreates Brooke Bond Taj Mahal Tea’s 50-year old legacy of excellence. It offers a range of tea that inspire the senses with quintessentially Hindustani flavours, a Wah Taj! tradition. Since its inception, the Taj Mahal Tea House has taken this tradition to new heights by setting new benchmarks in gourmet offerings.

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