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Shampoo - Paidovita - Baby Gel Shampoo


Paidovita- Baby Gel Shampoo

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Particularly suitable for the fragile hair of babies and newborns, this shampoo's innovative washing system, with a base of a blend of anionic and non-ionic surfactants with delicate refatting ingredients, does not alter the physiological hydrolipid film of the skin and preserves the correct sebaceous balance.
Paidovita Shampoo creates a soft, creamy foam that does not irritate the eyes. It washes, softens and protects in one step, without causing tears and burning eyes.

Key Ingredients
Rice proteins, Silanol hyaluronate and Helichrysum and Hamamelis

Apply the product onto wet hair, massage lightly and evenly into the scalp with the fingertips. Rinse.

Useful For
Balanced and dermocompatible cleansing
Frequent, even daily washing

About The Brand

Kosmida is an Italian dermacosmetic company that offers extremely advanced solutions for personal, psychological and physical wellbeing and for skin beauty, which has embraced the heritage of western medical and pharmaceutical. This brand follows the principles of healthy living and uses natural active ingredients that have been processed in accordance with the most recent discoveries.

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