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Bath & Body - Luxurious Arabian Dehn-El-Oudh Cleanser

Vana Vidhi

Luxurious Arabian Dehn-El-Oudh Cleanser

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Agarwood, known as Oudh in the Arabian world, is an acquired taste. Deep, rich, earthy and personal, it's sweet yet sharp balsamic woodiness enters one through all senses. It is a boundless combination of Romantic, Spiritual, Medicinal and Therapeutic wonders.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Palm Kernel Oil, Virgin Castor Oil, Pure Shea Butter, Arabian Dehn-El-Oudh Perfume Oil.

How to use:
Wet Face. Lather tenderly and massage in upward strokes. Rinse off. Pat Dry. Moisturize.

About the Brand

They are as magical to the eyes as the products are to the skin. Every product has a subtle touch of royalty. The experience of Vana Vidhi is manifold in it's appeal with connections of an Oriental retreat, Tropical gardens and Himalayan forests to create a luxurious experience to cleanse the body and soul.

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