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Lemongrass & Balinese Bamboo Body Lotion (Sample)

Vana Vidhi

Lemongrass & Balinese Bamboo Body Lotion (Sample)

Rs. 100.00


Inspired by the meditative aura of Bali, the Island of a thousand temples, this rejuvenating Lotion is a blend of Thai Lemongrass, which has a naturally fresh and invigorating scent known to uplift the mind and senses, combined with holistic Bamboo. With herbs and grass sourced from Bali, this rich moisturiser nourishes your skin and clams your spirit.

How to Use 
Massage onto cleansed body, preferably after bathing or prior to bedtime. Use gentle strokes. You may also use this product as a hand and foot lotion, which may be reapplied as and when required.


Sample Size Products are not for Retail Sale. The ₹100 mentioned is the convenience Fee.

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