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Hair Oils - KRONOSPA No Shady Shade - Color Repair Hair Oil


KRONOSPA No Shady Shade - Color Repair Hair Oil

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Minimize damage appearance of hair coloring! While coloring, your hair cuticles have been lifted. The hair is prone to dryness and fussy apperance. This hair oil is elaborated with the purest first pressed coconut oil. Rich with fatty acids and vitamins, this hair oil instantly soothens the hair fibers. Combined with botanical extracts of Frankincense and Rosemary that deeply moisturise, your hair gets supple, disciplined and smooth. Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Frankincense Oil, Orange Flower Oil, Lavender Oil, Geranium Oil, Rosemary Leaf Oil, Peppermint Oil, Vitamin E. How to Use: Massage a generous amount of oil straight on to the scalp and zoom on the tips. Leave on for fifteen minutes, soak it in. Rinse. Returns would ONLY be accepted in case of a Defect or Damage. For more, please visit the Returns & Cancellation Policy section in the Menu.

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