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Gifts And Combo Set - KRONOKARE Hair Repair Fix Combo


KRONOKARE Hair Repair Fix Combo

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KRONOKARE Hair Repair Fix Combo includes: - Smooth(Ening) Operator - Body Lotion(55ml): Formulated with some passion fruit oil this Lavender blend softens the skin instantly while the vitamin E and the botanical extracts deliver long lasting nourishment. The tired skin regains its shine and sheen. The rescue is smoothly operated! - Repair The Hair - Shampoo(55ml): This sulphate free lavender shampoo delivers a non-aggressive cleansing while injecting some rice bran & beetroot extracts to the hair scale, insuring long lasting nourishment. Your hair is soft and silky;its bounce is back, damages repaired! - Care To Repair - Hair Conditioner(55ml): Coloring, over sun exposure, city life. Intensely damaged hair leads to split ends and breakage. The hair scales need to be filled with nutrients and fatty acid. This lavender blend delivers a massive load of moisture, omega 3 and proteins in order to replenish your hair.

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