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Gifts And Combo Set - KRONOKARE Fabulous Hair Fix Combo


KRONOKARE Fabulous Hair Fix Combo

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KRONOKARE Fabulous Hair Fix Combo icludes: - Fabulous Fix! - Body Lotion (55ml): blend enriched with plant extracts and pure ginger oil promotes the skin fluid circulation and toxin removal. Nourished and glowing skin is back. - Sure To Be Pure - Shampoo (55ml): This gentle ginger shampoo cleanses the hair while not aggressing the scalp. Its lather delivers to the skin some smoothing passion fruit extracts. The Ginger and the Lemon extracts combat oil secretion, leaving you sure to be pure. - Detox The Locks! - Hair Conditioner (55ml): This conditioner, siliconee and mineral oil free untangles the hair instantly while bringing a load of botanical extracts that heal the scalp and help reducing future oil secretion.

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