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Food & Beverages - Japanese Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder


Japanese Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder

Rs. 100.00


About the Product:

Rather than simply infusing the leaves, as is common when preparing most regular green teas, the whole tea leaf is ingested when drinking Matcha – something that helps explain its miraculous health benefits. Kimino Matcha comes from their associate farms in the prefecture, renowned for producing the best Japanese Matcha Teas. Full of Antioxidants, Matcha Tea contains more anti-oxidants than any other brewed green tea, it has 137 times anti-oxidant of green tea and 70 times anti-oxidant of orange juice. It has also 9 times more beta-carotene of spinach. These anti-oxidants work as a perfect metabolism booster and make your skin look younger. Matcha also helps in fortifying the immune system and improving concentration.

Sample Size Products are not for Retail Sale. The 100 Rs mentioned is convenience Fee

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