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Bath And Shower - Hot Chocolate Soap


Hot Chocolate Soap

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About the product:

100% Pure, Natural, Vegan and Cold Processed Soulflower Hot Chocolate Soap is a natural moisturizer enriched with nourishing coconut milk. Its beautiful lather softens skin by retaining natural moisture, lightens tan and deep cleanses impurities leaving your skin oh-so-soft!


- Protects your skin from UV rays, soothes surnburn, promotes healthy, hydrated, moisturized and healthy skin.

- Ultimate moisturizer that improves skin texture, protects from premature aging and lightens dark spots.

How to use:

- Cut the Soulflower Hot Chocolate Soap into two pieces, store unused piece in a cool dry place.

- Use every day to get tan-free, soft, supple and radiant skin.


- Chocolate

- Ginger root extract

- Olive oil & castor oil

- Coconut milk

- Palm oil and palm kernel oil

- Stearic Acid & Vitamin E

About the brand:

Soulflower is India's leading homegrown brand of organic natural herbal and aroma products and is the pioneer of the unique concept of Spa at Home, which has become a revolution today! Soulflower offers tempting, exciting, natural, handmade, vibrant spa products that transform your hectic urban life into an oasis of peace and calm. The brand is firmly committed to producing products that are free from animal fat and are free from animal testing.

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