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Hand & Body Lotion Moringa Oil- 30ml


Hand & Body Lotion Moringa Oil- 30ml

Rs. 100.00


This Combo includes: -

Aaranyaa Hand and Body Lotion with Moringa Oil works to soften and protect your skin. Smooth it on and experience the deeply nourishing benefits of moringa oil, which leaves your skin feeling pampered, silky, and healthy.

This is a silky-textured body lotion that lusciously melts into the skin leaving it hydrated. It envelops skin in softness while deeply reinvigorating it. Moringa oil is a strong anti-pollutant and its unique properties, mitigate the skin damages caused by toxic pollutants and improve skin tone and texture.


Sample Size Products are not for Retail Sale. The ₹100 mentioned is the convenience Fee.

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