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Face Pack - Golden Glow Face Pack


Golden Glow Face Pack

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Golden Glow - Turmeric Avocado åÊFace Pack -åÊAn ideal formulation of Turmeric powder, Aloe Vera and Avocado oils is specially designed to soothe dry skin and acts as a skin care agent. Turmeric provides a great brightening effect on the skin and maintains the skin elasticity along with keeping a check on the release of oil levels in the skin. Avocado too reduces the appearance of age spots while restoring the natural skin glow in a completely wholesome manner.

About the Brand

ALANNA, a brand, which endorses clean, chemical free, handmade, completely organic products to repair, protect and enhance your skin and hair! Products by ALANNA, like their brand name suggests mean pure beauty!
Our skin absorbs the nutrients from the products we use and passes it right into our blood stream!åÊCome try Alanna's skincare and haircare range... While it may not produce overnight miracles, it surely will nourish, nurture and pamper your skin, hair and heart!

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