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Face Care Duo for Oily Skin

Lacto Calamine

Face Care Duo for Oily Skin

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Face Care Duo for Oily Skin Contains:

1. Daily Face Care Lotion - Oily Skin (30ml): 
Combination skin woes anyone! Lacto Calamine brings to you a clay-based lotion which provides Oil Balance for up-to 8-hrs through its unique 3-way action to give you a soft and supple skin every day without drying out your skinflint Calamine Oil Balance Lotion provides oil balance through its unique Kaolin Clay Therapy and 3-way action.

- Absorbs excess oil.
- Does not remove essential oil.
- Retains natural moisture.
- Helps unclog pores with its anti-germ properties.
- Provides additional moisture.
- Provides Oil Balance for unto 8-hrs.
- Specially formulated for oily skin type.

2. Oil Balance Face Wash (50ml): Lacto Calamine Oil Balance Face Wash not only cleanses the face; but also maintains Oil Balance for up to 8 hours through its 3-way action formula. Kaolin Clay contains natural minerals that absorb excess oil without removing the essential nutrients from the skin, Glycerin retains natural moisture of the skin, prevents drying and Neem helps in preventing pimples by its anti-germ properties.

- It absorbs excess oil and maintains the oil balance.
- Absolutely gentle on skin.
- Prevents acne and pimples.

About the brand:
Lacto Calamine is a famous skin care brand introduced by Piramal Healthcare. Being a trusted skincare brand for more than 30 years, Lacto Calamine is known for their Oil Control lotion that provides you up to 8 hours of oil-free skin. With its roots deeply ingrained in providing Oil-free, problem-free skin, the brand has always defied the stereotype of being obsessed with one looks.

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