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Skin Protection - Eunorma - Anti Redness Eudermic Emulsion


Eunorma - Anti Redness Eudermic Emulsion

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Eunorma can be used in all situations where the skin needs to be restored to a normal state as it provides protection and reduces irritation.
Containing eco-certified ingredients of the plant lipoprotein nature in a base of natural oils and waxes of almonds and shea, it is a homogeneous, easily applied cream with immediate anti-redness and soothing activity for sensitive and reactive skins.

Key Ingredients
Silanol hyaluronate, Aloe vera, Chamomile and Calendula

Apply a generous layer of cream to the areas affected by irritations and redness. Repeat the application before going to bed.

Useful For
Burns caused by excessive sun exposure
After laser, pulsed light and UV lamp treatments
Small injuries, insect bites and stings

About The Brand

Kosmida is an Italian dermacosmetic company that offers extremely advanced solutions for personal, psychological and physical wellbeing and for skin beauty, which has embraced the heritage of western medical and pharmaceutical. This brand follows the principles of healthy living and uses natural active ingredients that have been processed in accordance with the most recent discoveries.

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